PTSA General Meeting Tuesday, Sept 5th at 6p at Lowell (in the Library)


This will be the only in person meeting with later meetings conducted over zoom.  Please take advantage of this opportunity to be on campus, see and meet other members of this tremendous Lowell community, and say hello to Principal Jones.  Food and beverages will be provided.


When and Where

The first general meeting of Lowell’s PTSA will be Tuesday, September 5th in person at Lowell’s library from 6 to 8p.


Scavenger Hunt

If you are able to come a little before the meeting, the PTSA invites you to participate in the Welcome to Lowell Scavenger Hunt.  The scavenger hunt was created by Lowell students and is being sponsored by the PTSA.  It can be played individually or in groups on the ClueKeeper app downloaded to your phone (for iOS or Android).  The hunt takes about 20 minutes and will introduce you to the Lowell campus and to a bit of history and trivia about the oldest public high school West of the Mississippi. 

  • Please meet by the flagpole (in the main courtyard entrance at 1101 Eucalyptus St) between 5-5:30pm for instructions and to begin the game.